Ethan, the main character of I Need My Monster, is unable to go to sleep because the monster under his bed has decided to take a vacation. Without his monster there to scare him, Ethan did not feel like he could stay in bed long enough to fall asleep. With the Monstrous Night Light, children will be able to sleep with or without their monsters.
The first steps in creating this lamp is to sketch out the monster and the composition. Each of the elements had to be separated into different layers. In having different layers, The box feels more dynamic and playful. Pieces were cut and the box was assemble. Once I had the box constructed, I used the remainder materials to create separators for the layer.
The next step was to lay down the path for the circuit and start attaching LED's. It was pertinent to first sketch out the circuits before I started laying down the conductive tape to ensure that there were no short circuits happening in any of the LEDs. Mot of the LED's were white, but I decided to add a purple LED in the monster's stomach to give it more personality.
Monstrous Night Light!!