Lorne is  animated story depicting the loneliness and depressing effects of being orphaned. The collection of picture frames show the few short memories Lorne has in his life, inviting the viewers to look at Lorne's life closely. The installation is meant to emulate an old abandoned orphanage. The goal of this is for the viewer to feel as though they are immersed in the intended environment, therefore bringing them closer to Lorne.
The picture frames used in this installation were all different in size, shape, and look, but I wanted all of the frames to match. So, I painted them all with a base-layer of white, then I painted a layer of umber, and a final layer of white. Lastly, to finish up, I sanded the frames down so that they looked like they were very old, and the colors were starting to strip off.
Storyboards were created for the picture frames I wanted to display the videos in. The storyboards are short because the videos to be short. By creating short videos, I wanted the viewers to feel a sense of brokenness and disjointedness from Lorne’s memories. There are three storyboards for three of the picture frames. These were also played on a loop to give viewers a sense of mundaneness. The fourth frame shows a school-picture-day portrait of Lorne, while the last frame shows Lorne’s narrative on a loop.
The animation consists of a few steps. First is the different backgrounds for each of the videos. Once, I’ve decided on the backgrounds, I treated them with filters and color corrected them to fit the mood. Next, I composited on top of the backgrounds, frame-by-frame hand-drawn animations of Lorne. These were mainly of Lorn performing mundane tasks like walking to or greeting the headmistress. Lastly, I created a series of hand-crafted vignettes. This process is done so that I have several to choose from when compiling the animation, but also this allows me to animate them in the video.
Lorne is rear project to ensure that viewers do not block the projections when they are viewing the pieces. In rear-projecting, this also prevents the videos from bleeding out of the frames, and that they fit perfectly inside. By installing Lorne on a glass wall, I was able to cut windows out of the wallpaper to situate the frames on top.
Lorne was show at Parsons Design and Technology spring 2017 show, Major Major: Wavelength.