My role
Concept development, hardware and software development and implementation.

First Contact is a group project between Chieh Li Lin, Sydney Adams, and I for our New Arcade class. Originally, we were only looking  to model First Contact after carnival water shoot-out games. However, we later expanded upon this by adding a whack-a-mole element to the game. First Contact is a multiplayer competitive game in which players must race to kill their aliens first. The first player to kill their alien survives, while the other two makes contact with their aliens and are abducted.
Visual Design
Sydney Adams was in charge of doing the visual designs for the game. We decided that we wanted to have three different aliens of three different species. This allowed for players to easily distinguish and identify their alien.
Space Guns
Chieh Li Lin was in charge of the fabrication. We wanted to fabricate guns to be used in the gameplay, but have them abstracted enough so that they did not promote real guns. The plushie space guns were used to house regular laser pointers that you might find at any convenient store. The laser pointers were used to shoot pain points on the aliens bodies. These pain points were made of photoresistors, which would be triggered when they were targeted by the laser pointers.
Hardware & Software
Lastly, I worked on the hardware and software. Soldering the game become quite difficult after awhile. There were in total twenty-two different things that had to be soldered to a board. There were also some mistakes that were made, but it worked out in the end. In addition to the hardware, I also programmed the game by myself.
Next Steps
Our next steps for First Contact is to improve the gameplay, so that it is more difficult and challenging for the players. Additionally, we are planning to improve our plushie space guns. Right now, we feel that the interface of the plushie space guns is too straightforward and not interesting enough. In our next iteration, we would like to expand upon the possibilities of the interactions players can have with their space guns.