My Role
Fabrication, hardware, and some visual design.

This is a group project between Seung Ho Jung, Ziqiang He, and myself. Seung Ho worked on the Unity portion of the game, building out the game environment and mechanics. Ziqiang worked on the Arduino code for the game controller. I worked on building the physical game controller, as well as working closely with Seung Ho on the game's visual designs.
Cavities Wanted's mouth controller was created to be an addition to a VR headset. The player is immersed in the game while trying to catch things with their mouths in the game environment. The controller is a flexible stretch sensor that provides a range of values depending on how far the player stretches their mouths. After having done a few user tests, we found that installing the sensor over the headset was the most dependable way to capture readings from our controllers.

Because the game is titled "Cavities Wanted", we wanted the game itself to feel super sweet and sugary. We decided that players had to catch lots of different types of junk food while being trapped in a sugary wasteland. These included doughnuts, cupcakes and cheeseburgers. Originally, the background of the game was blue, but we felt that did not feel sweet enough, so we changed it to pink. Additionally, we added some candy trees and cotton candy clouds to make the game feel even sweeter.
Next Steps
After having conducted several playtests, we have concluded that there is still much work to be done to the headset controller. As of now, it is not sturdy enough as a controller to be played by many people. It was apparent that after being playtested a handful of times that it was getting harder to secure the controller. Secondly, we would like to add a calibration function to the controller. This would be a useful and necessary feature in order for the game to be enjoyable for players of all sizes. Lastly, we would like the onboarding process to be much smoother and quicker. The process of putting on and taking off the controller felt way too long for a short gameplay, which can be off-putting for players.