The first step in making milk'Em is to craft the cow. The cow, Penelope, is pink, white, and brown, for Neapolitan ice cream,  strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. With the help of Lilly Tagliaferri, we quickly drafted and assembled Penelope.
After assembling Penelope, the next step is to build the circuits. (With this, I had a little help from MAXianghan.) There are conductive fabric attached to Penelope's udders, which are connected to the Arduino that will activate as switches. Along with the switches, there is an mp3 shield, that will store a "moo" sound file, so Penelope will have a voice. Once the circuits are built, a housing unit was built for  it, so that it can sit in Penelope safely.
Udder attachment surgery.  This process was done to store the circuit housing in Penelope's stomach. Once the housing unit was safely in place, I sewed her udders on.
Next, gloves were made to be used in the play experience, this allows the users to feel as though they are actually milking Penelope. The gloves also act as the second half of the switch. When the gloves make contact with the udders,  the circuits will close, therefore turning on the switch.
System Diagram:
 1. Cow + Glove = 1.
2. Arduino sends byte to processing
3. Processing counts bytes
4. Draw Ice Cream when bytes reach certain point
5. All three Ice Creams drawn, Processing sends byte back to Arduino
6. Penelope moos

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