For Bellies Says, I first started off by fabricating Bellies, the plushie and controller. In order to do this, I created the pattern for Bellies and began putting him together. After making Bellies' body, the next step was to create the actual game controller. The controller is comprised of four switches on his stomach.
Each switch is made with two rows of conductive fabric and yarn. When the two rows touch, it completes a circuit. Once the switches have been completed, they are secured with another layer of conductive fabric tape and wired to the Arduino.
Next for Bellies Says was the game! Aaron coded the Simons Says game for Bellies Says. We are sill in the early stages of the game and will be adding more animations and better aesthetics to the game. To play the game, the player is given a sequence on screen. The player then has to stroke the corresponding patch on Bellies' stomach to make him laugh so hard his stomach hurts. If the player successfully matches the sequence they were given, they will see Bellies laughing in response. If the player fails, they will lose a lifeline and be warned with an animation of Bellies licking his lips.
The next step for Bellies Says is to refine the game aesthetics and design. Aaron and I would like to create a more cohesive game experience. To do this, we will create game assets that will match Bellies, the plushie. We will incorporate the animations into the unity game, so that players can get more feedback from the game. Additionally, we will illustrate different patches on Bellies' stomach, instead of using the four colored tiles that we currently have in the game.

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